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Welcome to Bella Persona.

With so many Estheticians to choose from, why consider me?   Bella Persona (beautiful person) is both my company and my philosophy.  It's about seeing the beauty we all possess in our own unique way.  While my long-time clients appreciate my technical skills and perfectionism, I believe each of them returns because they feel validated.  I listen to what they tell me, as well as what they don't, and I do everything I can to make them confidently beautiful.  


I experienced my own first facial back in 2001, and while I don’t recall anything about the service, I remember very clearly how I felt at the end – nurtured, as if the Esthetician had  held my heart in her hands. It was so much more than a service - it was an experience, and it convinced me to change my career.  I wanted to re-create that experience for others; something I felt called to do.

Not long after earning my license, I spent 7 years as the hiring and training manager of Esthetics at a high-end day spa. I didn’t hire my team based on experience, level of skill, or ability to sell, since all of those can be taught.  What you can't teach is compassion, connection and love, so that's what I looked for.  Memorable services come from being present in the moment and letting intuition and intention take the lead - then the steps flow like a beautiful dance.


The work of an Esthetician is intimate and personal, and doing it well requires  passion guided by skill, and skill infused with passion.  Luckily for me, I found my niche. I LOVE what I do!

Kris Troup, Licensed Esthetician and Owner

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."   Maya Angelou

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